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a.) Old slang used to describe people of french heritage.

b.) strength or physical ability
a.) "Don't screw with him, he's pea soup!"

b.) *after throwing a car across a canyon* PEA SOUP, BITCHES.
by Chic Geek May 02, 2004
A new age phrase used to say goodbye to ones homeboys. Originated from the Dizzla all props to the big Dogg y'all heard it here first. Always Originated never Duplicated. He started this Pea Soup shhh and this the uber urban thanks he get!
I'm out man, Pea Soup.

Catcha later chief, Sooooup!

Gotcha back man, soup!
by M3nG May 11, 2010
a very thick fog, especially one with an abundance of yellowish air pollution (such fogs were once common in London)
I don't want to go outside in that pea soup. It made me sick the last time.
by The Return of Light Joker November 29, 2009
1. To be very, but very sissy
1. Hey fucking peasoup, get the fuck out of here!
by Nicolas Bureau March 23, 2005
Interchangeable with yummy Marijuana- also known as chrissy, pot, weed, or God's gift to the world.
I am so full right now- I just ate a whole bowl of pea soup!
by Woseph Bady February 08, 2009
Phrase to describe the smell of a guy called Senior Cardgage, who was extremely sketchy and gave Strong Sad nightmares.
Hey Pom-Pom, this guy smells like pea soup!
by Peter April 27, 2004
(n.) Something really gritty and thick.
Skating through cement is like skating through pea soup.

... then when I stuck it in it felt like penetrating a fuckin pot chock full O' pea soup.

I ate this nasty burrito the other day and it gave me the worst pea soup shits.
by PujjyWujjyOTG March 23, 2005
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