renegade slang for stealth tank
OMG!!! stank rush incoming!!!!
by bubba2x4 September 08, 2008
To be stinky, or stinked on.
Clayton: "That is some stanky shit, Jordan!"
Jordan: "Sorry man."

Jordan: "Did you just shit on me?"
Clayton: "Sorry, I got a little wild."
Jordan: "Get your stank off me!"
by ClaytonScott November 03, 2007
1. Someone who's a real douchbag with a bad attitude.
1. That cunt is real stank!
2. Stank-ass hoe!
by Cuntalia Jones August 12, 2007
Stank means something that smells so bad that simply saying stink is not gonna cut it. If something is stank you will be able to smell it from several hundred feet away and if you get too close you may actually pass out or possibly die. Often times you will even be able to taste something that is stank just by smelling it.
Joe: Whats wrong with Leroy ? Is he drunk? William: No. He just found a pair of his underwear that were dirty and they had been under his bed for about 7 months and had became stank as fuck. Joe: Wait is he breathing ? Leroy: Oh shit call 911 I think he is dead bro. **calls 911** Yes please send an ambulance my friend got hit by a dose of stank earlier and we think he might be dead or dying.
by saharadryhumor January 10, 2015
A smell that can be good or bad, depending on the situation.
Man whats wit da stank in here?

Man dat pussy was stank!
by Kool aid dokta May 21, 2008
stank; stoned; fucked up.
"Dude, you were so stank last night. You didnt even know where you were."
by ya heard? August 19, 2006
When an object smells so bad, that the user cannot help but say stank, since stink simply does not cover it.

Can be used to modify a skank for fun rhyming insults
Damn that guy/girl Justine always has that green odor surrounding her. Either she needs some deoderant, or I will have to get away from that stank

I hate all stanky skanks
by Fartstiscles December 01, 2008
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