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A cheap cologne or perfume used to cover up your stank ass.
Lemme put on this stank-stank cuz i'm in a hurry and don't have time for a shower.
by ihateautotune September 26, 2013
is a word used to call a boyfriend or girlfriend. he/she doesnt have to be ur gf or bf they can just be your little something something on the side.
thats my stank stank right there
by eochs February 05, 2008
When someone hasn't bathed after long periods of time, they are considered to be "stank-stank" because of their awful stench. This also refers to the smell of feet, bad food, or doo-doo.
Dude: "Nigga, have you been walkin in da marsh?"
Dude 2: "Naw, nigga. I just been runnin around. Why?"
Dude: "Cause, yo feet got some stank-stank, dawg!"
by Ookamibito March 03, 2008
When you have been ridin dirty for more than a day.
Dang, you were ridin dirty yesterday, but now you grew stank stank.
by Urbanian Fool June 23, 2006

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