(noun) An aura, usually but not necessarily an unpleasant or undesirable one. Metaphorized from physical stank (or stink).
"He tries to be just folks, but he can't get rid of that upper-middle-class stank."

"She's got such a serious case of geek stank computers roll over when they see her coming."
by anarcissie May 12, 2008
Adjective. Cranky, whiny, or in a bad mood. In the process of winding up for a tantrum.
"Everytime I take Sailor to the playground, she gets all stank when we have to leave."
by A069063 March 27, 2008
An illicit, usually drug related, smell.
1. Your basement stanks, it's obvious you're growing dope.
2. Man, that shit is stank.
by phzi October 23, 2007
When something smells so damn bad that you need to use a whole can of Febreeze to drown it out unless you and the others in the room will sustain major brain damage
Person 1: *farts*
Person 2: You is stanky
by underscore_underscore December 17, 2014
used up ho ....

vag that is used sooo often by many diff dicks that its nasty & stanky smellin'.....
" you walkin' like your pussy stank!"
"oh damn! it do!"
by skitzz August 21, 2012
When something just smells so good!
Ashley be stank thats why just I love being around her.
by Tcalves10 April 30, 2007
Having no general morals nor personal values in regards to being extremely stingy, thinking much too high of one's self, and/or being unnecessarily rude especially when that person isn't worthy of any self respecting person's time.
Girl #1 - Hey, did you hear bout what KiKi said bout you?
Girl #2 - Yeah, she said my weave look like a pony wit no tail. I hate dat trick! (Rolls eyes)
Girl #1 - Girl you good, don't even worry bout huhh ol stank, basic ahh. She ratchet anyways!
by theblackbobbydrake October 10, 2012

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