shaniqwua,stormie bitch hoe skary slack slut
dese lil stupid ass bitches is stank
by stress October 25, 2008
1) Behavior that is rude, unnecessary, hurtful, & pointed. 2) bitchy 3) callous or disjointed
A: "That woman just walked by and said that I looked like a whore."
B: "Ooooh. That was stank."
by Machada "MacSizzle" Smith May 27, 2008
A personthat smells like Zahra.
Zahra Morey stank.
by Tom Hazen April 26, 2009
v. to perfom coitus with another human being; usually referred to a Frenchman stanking someone
Dude, Diane Lane got stanked by that French dude in 'Unfaithful'.
by Edmund Unceworthy June 01, 2006
the smelly unshaven pubic area of a female
Cavea got dat stank dawg you don't want it.
by kalil September 16, 2003
the term used for that sweet ass weed that everyone loves.
Last night, that boy had some o' dat' stank, and it was grrrrrrrrrrreat!!
by Edwardo January 22, 2005
see also: mostank or, an excessive odor.
Twentylettersand three words
by White Chocolate March 17, 2005

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