the smelly unshaven pubic area of a female
Cavea got dat stank dawg you don't want it.
by kalil September 16, 2003
Top Definition
1. (adj.) The quality of being whorish and/or trashy or the appearance of bearing said quality.
2. (adv.) Any instance where the aforementioned quality is displayed to the Nth degree.
3. (n.) A ghetto-fabulous greeting of sorts used by the intellectually and creatively impaired.
4. (adj.) Having an attitude that is particulary not cared for by the general population.
5. (adv.) Displaying the previously stated attitude.
1. Christina Aguilera is such a nasty stank ho' lately. What is her problem??
2. Did you see Christina Aguilera's new video? Ugh! It was rather stank...I almost hurled!
3. Wazzup Stank? What ya'll gettin' into today?
4. That stank bidge just cussed my mama out!
5. I can't stand that gum-smackin' trick. She is so stank sometimes I just can't even believe it!
by GhettoPrincess March 08, 2003
1.something stinky adjective used for a ho make better than the first time;with more emphasis
ex for 1: damn it stank up in here.
ex for 2: why you wit that stank ho you can do better!
ex for 3: "alright, play it again, but this time put some stank on it!"
by nappyafrochik April 05, 2003
1. Smelly; unclean
2. Whore, slut, tramp. Especially one that is "used up".
Damn, julio, that bitch is stank! Stay away from her.
by October 10, 2002
Dirty Puss. One in need of a douche.
Damn bitch, you gots your stank all over my hang low!
by Mike the PIUMP March 10, 2003
1. extremely bad smell
2. the art of smelling extremely bad
When she spread her legs the most extreme stank i have ever smelled filled the janitors closet.
by notorious xrc May 20, 2004
1. Showing no shame in your lack of regard for things that are proper.

2. Showing distaste for things that show respect for an individual or groups of individuals.

3. Bowing to the prevailing peer pressure of being:

a. callous
b. mean-spirited
c. hard assed
d. emotionally distant and unavailable
e. mentally dull
f. sexually promiscuous
d. concerned that someone is "hating" on you

4. (In regards to non-whites) Celebrating the "worse" deeds, attitutes, and attributes in us - and giving it nomenclature as a means to try and make it acceptable to the mainstream. (Pimpin', ho-in', play-in', ball-in', gettin' "mines", hustel-in', roll-in', and the nefarious "keeping it real" mentality)

5. Lacking accountability and giving props to people who also shun and reject being accountable for their misgivings.
"It was pretty stank for the new temp to come to work late every day, leave early, not finish her work, spend all day long on MySpace and Hotmail, but cuss out the people and threaten to tear up the place, and accuse them of being "racist bitches" when they decided to let her go."
by Goodyman August 18, 2006
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