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A stench so gut-wrenchlingly foul that everybody in the vicinity has to vacate themselves for fear of losing one or more of their senses.
Guy 1: Dude Patrick fuckin stanks hard today. I gotta leave.

Guy 2: Hell yeah dude i think I'm goin blind.
by JoeJoeBeats69 November 28, 2010
n. brutish emphasis; typically rendered as something one "puts on" an activity.
Can you do it again? An' this time put some stank on it?!
by Hambone August 31, 2003
A blunt that has been filled with marijuana and laced with cocaine. Popular in the southeast in areas such as Jacksonville, Buzzard County, Louisiana, Miami and more.
E-Boy 1: Im gonna roll up a stank
E-Boy 2: A stank, damn that coke makes my chest burn in the morning, just roll up the weed.
E-Boy 1: Softass...
by Stevie Steve August 27, 2005
The smell of a room after someone has sex or masterbates in it.
Shit! This place smells like stank!
by wiebgeycary August 03, 2010
A potent smell that can be either GOOD/BAD depending on the smell.
a. That weed is so STANK it knocked me off my ass!

b. Her pussy STANK so bad i almost chunked all over her!
by jd drew June 12, 2008
Scots. A drain such as you would find at the kerb for carrying rainwater. cf stank lifter
Shite! I've dropped ma car keys doon the stank.
by Gezza T April 09, 2003
to smell awful, emitting an offensive odor, either because of poor hygiene, or bathing or showering oneself
"I can stand it when Carice don't wash herself! "Her pussy can be stank sometimes!"
by cleanblue0713 November 16, 2006