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1/2 pussy 1/2 wuss
That kid is such a puss.
by Richard Puss March 28, 2003
Usually found in the bay area- mainly Santa Cruz and The San Lorenzo Valley.
Originally used to descibe marijuana and how the crystals were so sticky they resmebled actual puss.
Puss is used to describe how good something is.
Like using 'rich' to describe a food.
I have the puss

Verb- to be puss
Shes puss at playing the trumpet

Damn homie, Rich has the puss dank right now

Monica-"Did you see Johnny jump out of that tree?"
Karla- "Yeah, that was the pussest thing I've ever seen!"

Moreah- "I got an A on my paper!"
Colt "Puss!"

Used for anything-
"This food is puss"

"She is so puss"

"I need to smoke a puss joint"

"Help, help my leg is covered in puss"
by Moreah September 13, 2006
Someone's face. An very outdated and disused term, as anyone under 35 will wonder why the hell you're referring to "face" as "puss".
I can't stand her ugly puss.
by JuxtaPositionYou August 18, 2003
Scottish term meaning ones face
i'm gonnae punch you right in the puss ya bas
by george mcdade June 02, 2005
Singular Pronounced puss-ess
A misspelling of pussies that was originally used by people in forums that can't spell good. The word is now used as a joke and as an insult at the same time resulting in much lulz.

Plural is Pussi. Pronounced Puss-eye
90% of people who talk trash on the internet are found to be pusses in real life.

Pusses isn't a word, retard.

It is now.

Good Point.
by nothere413 December 28, 2007

1. A cat.
2. A girl or young woman
1. A black puss crossed my path! Bad luck!
2. A black puss is in my house! Score!
by fuck the ynq November 18, 2004
someone who is a pussy. also, someone who needs to grab their balls and man up.
jt thomas is a huge puss.
by yeseniabellow July 16, 2010
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