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Underaged, flirty teenage girl.
(short for statutory rape)
"Hey, check out that stach hanging out in front of the movie theater."
by T. Wolfe October 20, 2004
short for statutory rapist
-Pat:"hey wanna go check out the highschool girls volleyball game today"
Julian:"Fuckin stach"

-Juans tryin to get at Ryans underage cousin, what a stach
by JFLOW September 18, 2006
a little bit shorter word that means "stomach"
Don't go out on empty stach. Ok, I will do
by Andrius M. March 13, 2008
The practice of eating pistachios
I picked up a pound on Monday and I've been staching ever since.
by MrWizard August 04, 2005
sex on the beach. Sand in places i didn't know existed, until that night.
Dude I have sand in places i didn't know existed til that night of stach.
by steve March 14, 2003