Top Definition
1. vernacular term meaning respond to
v. got at, gettin' at
internet doood: "So yeah ma' you need to get at me one day, yo I could take you to a movie or something."
meczilla: "excuse me?!?"
by meczilla November 30, 2004
1. To contact someone

2. To try and seduce or pull someone, to mack someone

see holla
1a. "I'll see ya tomorrow Dave"
"Yeah, get at me"

1b. "Have you talked to Bobby?"
"Nah, haven't seen him in a while."
"You should get at him"

2. "That girl is so fucking sexy, I'mma get at her."
by Douglas Teel November 01, 2007
to borrow or have
I walked in the room with my hat on. Urgel asked me, "Lemme get at that hat"
by mega millions April 16, 2009
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