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The default AIM profile for people using the t-mobile sidekick.
Kevin: why is mickey's profile always 'via Hiptop'?
Chase: he is using his sidekick nub
Kevin: oo000ooo000ooo
Chase: lol pwned
by thewebguy March 18, 2005
What a fake gynecologist calls a vagina.
Ok Meg, let's take a look at that bergina.
by thewebguy April 09, 2006
the practice of eating pistachios
yeah man, i picked up a pound on tuesday and i've been stachin' hard ever since
by thewebguy March 07, 2005
a word or phrase which yields no search results on google.
searching google for the word "overdrasticated" yields no results, hence it is a noogle.
by thewebguy March 21, 2006
stevie mcstevebo's screen name.
Man, I'm so glad my screen name isn't darkelfofthenigh
by thewebguy September 04, 2003
Stands for Useless Media Disc
Guy 1: Hey dude, did you see that Target pulled all the Sony UMDs off their shelves?
Guy 2: Yeah, I guess they finally realized UMD stood for Useless Media Disc
Guy 1: Hey, on an unrelated note, did you buy the new album from your favorite band released on a Sony label?
Guy 2: Nah, after that whole rootkit debacle I decided to pirate all music released under Sony. It is what they deserve
by thewebguy July 14, 2006
Area between the balls and booty-hole. Sometimes refered to as the "essence." Sometimes confused with food.
Woah, Stevie McStevebo really likes chode alot!
by thewebguy September 06, 2003

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