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The magnificent and rarely seen art of female ejaculation.
That can result in a spurt of lady love juice that can also be mistaken for urine...but strangely smells of rose water
when Eddie Lock was watching his porn collection he noticed the girl spurt and he made a big wank,resulting in wrist seziure(similar to Jamie Hales)
by Chris and Stan September 23, 2004
A female who can ejaculate, usually with serious force and distance
Damn, she's a squirter!
by pmc November 02, 2002
A woman, who during sexual ejaculation, is able to squirt (cum) from her vagina.
"gosh that Abby's quite the squirter!"
by manchester414 August 09, 2012
A woman, who during sexual ejaculation, is able to squirt (cum) from her vagina.
Consuelo is a squirter.
by LeTron October 22, 2009
People who only use restroom at restaurants and don't buy food.
Squirters always come into my restaurant and never buy food, they just use my restroom and leave.
by ZOOyorker* September 16, 2010
Someone who over posts on social media.
Jasmine is such a squirter, she's been squirting all day about her break up.

Porter was being a squirter on my page during the game.
by Shon J March 17, 2015
A squirter is a small female (like kylie) who is already at knob height - making is easy to squirt(h)er.

Or a strangely talented girl who, after becoming excited can fire lady juice at high velocity out from her nu-nu.
That squirter is the right height for me.

At the orgy I had to duck the squirter.
by DJ Jaybee July 29, 2004
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