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1. One who types "lol" without actually laughing.
2. A person who gives the impression that he or she is "laughing out loud" while he or she is truly not.
bibble: lol is andy with you?.... no
bibble: lol
tim: no
bibble: andy is at his house
bibble: i know im talkin to him
tim: you asked!
tim: i just answer the questions
bibble: i know, but i also said ......no
bibble: at the end
tim: you also said lol
tim: and i'm sure you didn't really do that
bibble: sshhh
tim: fake loller.
by Jeeves January 28, 2004
To become naked... AGAIN.
I'm going to shower, but first I must get renude.
by Jeeves December 11, 2004
PCP. Sugar... PCP... same thing.
Mitch Hedburg: "At the doctor, they tried to trick me with all these yes or no questions. Have you ever tried sugar? ... or PCP?"
by Jeeves February 03, 2004
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