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when you masterbate and your sperm drenches the walls.
Troll was eager to get home from school so he could paint the walls.
by Chia37 November 15, 2005
Verb: Violent explosive diarea
i ran into the bathroom pulling down my pants and painted the wall befor i could sit down thus "paint the wall"
by Wall Painter #1 December 17, 2010

When what your dealing with or being made to do is so unbearable or boring that you would rather shoot yourself in the head and have your brains and blood splatter all over the wall. Thus "painting" it.

Can also be said as "Paint the fucking Wall"
Guy 1: "God this meeting is fucking boring."
Guy 2: "I know! This makes me wanna go paint the wall."
by ArmageddonsRaid August 08, 2009
The act of not pulling out.
Once I found out she was clean and on the pill, there was no need for a condom. It was time to paint the walls.
by Kylewasmyboyscoutleader June 07, 2010
To vomit in a projectile fashion.
Don't paint the wall, man. Hurl in the shitter.
by Pinkie LeStrange April 03, 2010
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