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A beautiful and rare Spanish flower.
Did you see that beautiful Consuelo?

Yes I most certainly did. The most beautiful I have ever seen.
by El Marino February 04, 2010
Can be shortened to Connie. A girl's name, admittedly unusual, but not a flower! Its origins are Spanish, but not all people called Consuelo are Spanish. Many Consuelos are very intelligent, are particularly good at maths, play the flute and swim. They make AWESOME sisters, and stick with their best friends for life!
1. Consuelo's my best friend ever!
2. Look, Consuelo has got 98% in Maths again!
by i'm not a maths teacher June 21, 2012
raper, or from the spanish word: to be a rapist
dude, put that away and quit acting like a consuelo.
by Fishy Jones April 17, 2011
1. A fond nickname for a John Henry (see definition).

2. A girl's best friend

3. A large, perfectly shaped penis
"Oh, baby. I've missed Consuelo soooo much. Put him in me now."
by John Henry I. January 14, 2008
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