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when something is completely and utterly bad
friend at late night saturday party: I have to get up at 6am tomorrow morning for work
friend2: dude! that's criminal!
by vinad July 03, 2005
A crip, blood, Pachuco, or other predator who harms innocent people or takes things that belong to other people. This variety of criminal is protected and defended by the liberal.

A businessman who harms innocent people with dangerous products or a ruined environment, or who takes things that belong to other people. This variety of criminal is protected and defended by the republican.
Pachuco boys beat people up and steal their wallets. Ken Lay steals people's retirement savings and their security. These guys are criminals.
by The Wog Whomper May 05, 2005
When someone is so good looking it should be a crime.
"Have you met Wilhelm? His looks are criminal."
by Betty N October 30, 2011
adj. A person with a propensity toward violence, but not enough capital to start a corporation.
I was robbed by a criminal.
by bob March 14, 2003
criminal is an awesome song by disturbed and is among the greatest songs of their time
guy 1: hay hay dude did you hear that song by disturbed

guy 2: ya Criminal?

guy 1: ya that one

guy 2: of coarse who hasn't?
by theman102 February 11, 2012
when something is uber cool in any way
Did you see the new Harry Potter film?" "Yeah, its criminal!
by vietzski January 15, 2011
A homosexual in extreme denial, since anyone who goes to jail will definitely get raped by members of the same sex.

Incarceration and capital punishment being inadequate deterrents for persons to commit crime, the thrill of being raped is the only motive.
"Hey man, I'm a businessman, I sell dope, I sell coke, I sell phet, I sell ket. I make my money the way the streets demand."

"No, you're a criminal, and we're going to fuck you until your asshole looks like a whale's blowhole."
by Okotoimako November 05, 2011
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