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The act of being distracted, drawn away from something
Friend 1: So when and where are we going?
Friend 2: We are leaving at 3pm to go to... (looks to his/her side) OH!! SQUIRREL!!!!
by Hibiki Hanks January 17, 2012
A term used to describe the feeling of a seroquel hangover
blah! i got the squirrels!
by Tok3 September 05, 2011
1. The youngest of the Nolan sisters.

2. A small furry creature with a nut obsession.

3. An amorous gentleman

4. An oblong piece of formica work surface that can be used as a sexual enticement on a Royal Navy aircraft carrier populated by randy seamen.
Def 3: 'look at that SQUIRREL - wanting to plant his nuts in that'.
by Monkey Tennis 63 June 25, 2010
Parallel to Dibs and Shotgun, but only refers to girls
Ariel: "Man, Naomi is sooo hot!"
Amnon: "Yeah, Squirrel!"
by AssBlaster99 February 21, 2010
A male who is mostly interested in sex, or will only call or text a female for sexual purposes.
"Hey girl, I think 'ol boy over there wants to holla at you..."

"Its alright, its just a squirrel trying to get a nut!"
by fckasquirrel August 01, 2009
1) a person who gets what they want and goes. "Grab your nuts and go"
2) to squirrel out is to basically ditch someone after you've got what you wanted.
"Did Marcus come to your party, man?"
"Yeah he did and took a few shots then bucked, what a squirrel."

"Ryan squirreled out on us. He said he'd give us a ride since we let him stay the night, but then he never called back."
by megpigirl May 17, 2009
Girl code for an EXTREMELY hot guy. Most likely to have flippy or really rad hair, be a member of a band, and is a definate hottie
Michelle: "Woah, check out that squirrel!"
Heather: "Dude, yeah killer hair on that hottie."
by mishizzy|monstrosity August 05, 2008