A slang terms used to alert your nearby friend of hot girls without alerting the entire area of your desire to ram at will.
After stopping at Subway, Richard said "Squirrels". To my surprise there was a hot 17 year old serving and her two hotter friends in the corner filling out applications as my pants were filling out to a nice sized tent.
by RDC May 28, 2005
This is a term for a light person who can drink as much if not more than you.
Eric Ward is a squirril. He drank his body weight in beer tonite.
by Ralph February 12, 2005
The coolest animal to ever walk the planet. They are going to talke over the world one day,they are our masters.
maria: what is a squirrel?

fred: only the coolest animal ever man.

maria: cool dude, i'm going to go join the squirrel club and do something that will help all squirrels everywhere.

fred: nice.
by Wayne Cambell December 19, 2006
Squirrel-a SWAGLESS individual due to the paranoid nature of how uncool they are and/or their ability to hate on a super swagged out person.
You looking real Squirrel today with that FUBU and k-swiss on :D

All you wanna be rappers have some serious squirrel mentality, get that ish together. -_-

Look at yo squirrel ass riding a bike and tryna talk to my girl, get outta here.
by Jalalsa July 22, 2011
A cute, fuzzy animal that eats nuts.
Squirrels rule!! They deserve some respect, too! I'm tired of everyone dissing them. LIGHTEN UP, MAN!!!!!
by Poppin' Fresh November 18, 2003
Squirrels: An interjectory word used to notify a friend that their attention and conversation are bouncing around like a labrador with ADHD at a squirrel festival.
So Jennifer asked me to go with her to ohmigawd did I tell you about this place with the fountain? So I texted her back and anyway you've got to see my new iPhone it's so amazing I've got to show you the YouTube about the guy drawing on one. Ooooh, let's stop for ice cream and oh wow do you see that blond guy? ohmig...


by Duxall Inarow June 30, 2010
Nature's little terrorists- like shutting down power by suicide bombing the power lines and making nests so that cars won't start. in russia, there is a little town being overrun by squirrels as two large dogs and a baby have already been eaten by them. usually three types- grey, red fox, albino, black, and flying. natural habitats- forests and on the side of the road.
Those damn squirrels just shut our power off again! i swear those little terrorists are overruning our city!
by TerroristSquirrel January 12, 2010

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