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A cluster of food trailers. Similar to a pod of dolphins or flock of birds. Squanch only refers to multiple food trailers in a group.
The new thai food trailer in that squanch is really good!
by Harry Scrotz December 27, 2013
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The act of erotic asphyxiation, especially while at a party. Can also be used to describe something.
(From Rick and Morty)

1. "Hey Rick, is there a good place for me to squanch around here?"
2. "I'm gonna go squanch on over to my closet and get back to squanching."
3. "Squanchy party Rick!"
by J-RodHotBod November 07, 2014
When someone (often a fat person with lots of back hair) jerks off and is to lazy to bother cleaning up, so they simply ejaculate it on the carpat in the room. This often results in a bright white carpet when exposed to a U.V light.
Alex jacks off, rolls and squanchs on the floor, just look at it glow. What a lazy, hairy, fat, useless, fuck.
by Eugenio Antonio Bonanno December 09, 2006
The act of male on male scissoring. The men spread their legs in a "Y" (scissor) shape and place scrotum's together, usually behind the other party's testicular sac, and proceed to pleasure one another.
Man, my sac hurts! Next time we squanch, one of us needs to shave so it's not like our balls are Velcroed together..

See also scissoring
by fat_atkison September 15, 2011
The squanch is the mascot of Tetazoo, a residence hall in East Campus of MIT. It was reportedly created out of a long ago acid trip that went right. It is roughly the shape of a coat hanger, and is always seen holding a single bent flower and a sign proclaiming 'Hackito Ergo Sum'
Person 1: What type of dog did James E. Tetazoo have?

Person 2: It's a squanch!
by MWMWM March 05, 2010
A word that can be used for any other word,like a place holder.
Man that was a squanch move.
by Troy R October 22, 2007
A fart so rare and terrifying that it deserves its own name. Often found in confined spaces where its victims can not escape its wrath.
My god, its the squanch. Break out the gas masks.
by thewickedone80 March 06, 2013

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