When a person is old, but hot, then they are spry
Is your grandma spry?
by Jeff June 28, 2004
Top Definition
Means lively or active.
As in the movie bad santa
"...is granny spry?"
by cody April 13, 2005
The type of rain that is light and almost sprinkling. Usually happens when the sun is still out or at the end or beginning of actual rain.
A: How's the weather today?
B: It looks like it might rain. It was sprying earlier.
by Mango242 June 01, 2015
To be on the run from the police or tax/insurance authorities. Likely to con you.
This man is on the spry!
by Brian R. Turner September 26, 2006
Over sized person who has no understanding of the term "intelligence" and also enjoys the company of farm animals.
Spry went to the farm
by J April 03, 2003
Slang term for participating in marijuana smoking.
'Hey, Joey...wanna spry?'
by Mike January 06, 2004
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