The male ejaculatory fluid, also known as "spunk" which is a gooie substance. Hence the amalgamation of the two words "spunk" and "goo" to form the word Spoo.
"I'm going to spoo on you."

"oh no I've got spoo on me!"

or just say the word loudly and proudly "SPOOOOO"
by bastard_pop February 09, 2007
Top Definition
1- The male ejaculatory fluid, especially when deposited somewhere other than the woman's vagina

2- The act of a male ejaculating
The male porn star got spoo all over the woman's face.

Oh, baby, I'm about to spoo!
by Batrastard April 19, 2003
Spoo is/are (the plural of Spoo is Spoo) little white pasty creatures mentioned in passing in Babylon 5 as being a delicacy of the Centauri. They are mealy little critters which don't do much in the way of anything.
"Ugh, it's terrible. And the Centauri love this stuff?"
"Eat it by the truckload."
"And what do you think of the ham?"
"Tastes like chicken."
by Atalhlla October 27, 2004
A substance that male vampires ejaculate in place of sperm, which is absent from their bodies. Spoo, like all other liquids in a vampire's body (besides the blood that they drink) is venom.

It tastes and smells delicious, and there is a small line of possible spoo-products being discussed. Those products include, but are not limited to:

KY Spooelly
Spootrogena Body Lotion
Sparklyspoo Body Lotion
Spoo Flu Treatment
Have you been on the Vampire Mating thread lately? They're talking about spoo!
by Random Lexiconer December 23, 2006
A combination of feces and vomit, produced by either pooing and then vomiting on it or spewing and then pooing on it.
Oh no the spoo is blocking the toiled.

Oh man I feel like I could spoo
by Charlie Tuxedo Cat December 20, 2012
collectivley known as sperm, but also a device to make certain small people cry of laughter passed the piont of no rretun
"u make sproggs with spoo" "hahahah"
by dsnbcfuhghk January 14, 2010
I was always under the impression that the phrase came from the "Dilbert" comics. There's one where the workers decide to make up fake acronyms and terminology to confuse the boss; everyone does it convincingly until it gets to Dilbert's turn, at which point he ruins it all by saying "my spoo has too much fleem".
"My spoo has too much fleem"

(after the meeting)

"Hey, if I could lie convincingly I'd be in marketing."
by james July 15, 2004
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