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13 definitions by slapapig

porkimons pride: a huge pork stump that is his ultimate super weapon. thats the form of a pink log. uses clumpy stumpy sauce to attack his foes (see porkimon)
the pork sword was unleash and was hammed against pokemons face
by slapapig September 24, 2003
hairs or pubes that appear on an asshole
your asshair yanked out and u sliped
by slapapig September 23, 2003
its shit that got hammed into your underwear. occurs when u dont wipe your ass after a soupy shit, some gets stuck on your ass crack and this is called (magoo) this could harden into a poob(see poob), also, if somebody is trying to act funny by doing a fake fart, and that results in shitting in your pants and no funny farting sound, u have gained nothing funny out u it, but only a nasty shitstain on your underwear that is embaressing to yourself and others when they see it, or find out about it...
he took a crap, but all his ass hairs prevented it from reaching the toilet and acted as a net, he also ran out of toilet paper, so he went to the store and he came home and later found a shitstain that got hammed on his underwear
by slapapig September 27, 2003
a rare pokemon character. It's superpower is shoting out its pork stump and hamming its foes with stump sauce. (see pork sword)
porkimon came out of a bush with a pork sword
by slapapig September 24, 2003
its that look that people make when they get angry or unamused at something, it looks alot like somebody drinking a coffee
i went to discuss the jazz burglars with the treasurer, and all i got was the coffee face
by slapapig September 23, 2003
a spooberry is a soupy combo of spoo, and semi-solid turds of sorts! a spooberry is some runny shit that got stuck on an asshair and dried up, due to the action of hamming it up and the semisolid turds acting as extra build
a spooberry got stuck on my asshole and is really annoying
by slapapig September 23, 2003
when u try to do a fake fart, and it doesnt work, u have unintentionaly created a fart nut( when u shit in your pants and leave an annoying turd stain)
he was trying to be funny, but all he got was a fart nut
by slapapig September 23, 2003