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collectivley known as sperm, but also a device to make certain small people cry of laughter passed the piont of no rretun
"u make sproggs with spoo" "hahahah"
by dsnbcfuhghk January 14, 2010
4 15
I was always under the impression that the phrase came from the "Dilbert" comics. There's one where the workers decide to make up fake acronyms and terminology to confuse the boss; everyone does it convincingly until it gets to Dilbert's turn, at which point he ruins it all by saying "my spoo has too much fleem".
"My spoo has too much fleem"

(after the meeting)

"Hey, if I could lie convincingly I'd be in marketing."
by james July 15, 2004
32 44
An onomatopeia that is used to describe the kind of fart that makes that exact noise as it passes.
by Natalie Stewart-Baxter May 22, 2009
6 19
dried cum. Usually found on some sort of clothing or fabric.
Dude! You and your girlfriend left spoo on the carpet last night!!
by DrewDeezy June 10, 2008
4 18
An imagined "foodstuff" created c. 1996 in Ashford, Kent, UK.

Just as the name suggests, SPiced-pOO.
SPAM = spiced ham
SPOO = spiced poo

Spoo fritters, Spoo sandwiches etc.
by Platf0rm January 06, 2008
13 27
Oops spelled backwards. This way, you can say oops without saying oops.
spoo, I dropped my milk
by Fragbait November 19, 2003
37 52
A person who is both a spic and a jew at the same time... a spoo.

Alfonso shut up you stupid spoo.

No one likes the spoo, he should go kill himself.
by K-T_O_W_N-M_A_N May 10, 2008
20 38