spoo (spoo) n. A substance that is disturbing in texture and smell.
spoodification (spoo-di-fi-kay-shun) v. act of embarresing or otherwise showing your superiority to someone or something.
spoodist (spoo-dist) n. A follower of the ways of spoo.
What the spoo is that!?

Dude, you have some spoo on your shirt!
by David September 22, 2004
A person who is both a spic and a jew at the same time... a spoo.

Alfonso shut up you stupid spoo.

No one likes the spoo, he should go kill himself.
by K-T_O_W_N-M_A_N May 10, 2008
Any form of paste/liquid/film found in ones garage
"I picked up the wrench and got silver-spoo all over my hands"
by Tarkin September 24, 2003
The process of Spewing and POOing at the same time. The spew component usually between one's legs while on the toilet after a big night.

Sometimes the poo smells so bad that the spew is induced.
I think Paddy is having a spoo!
by Tom Purcell April 27, 2005
spoo is actually a type of shit, it is like a shit that comes out all soupy and has a spew to it, kinda like windy rain and dirt ssppppooooooo
that bastard left spoo all over my toilet and all around it
by slapapig September 23, 2003
noun: human feces found in a public place, especially the scene of a crime; alternatively, human waste and/or detritus used to identify a suspect or place a suspect at the scene of a crime.
We was home free if your boy's spoo wasn't all in the bed.
by Grandmaster Vinny B November 02, 2005
The Random Insanity Continuum
"Yeah, spoo..."
"I'm so spoo right now..."
by E-Rod March 01, 2004
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