I Swagga "Splash"
by dmoney676 August 14, 2008
To indulge in an adult beverage
Oh, you know... I'm gonna have a 'lil splash, babe.
by gfysowmong March 03, 2011

What you say when someone says something that makes you think of something dirty or makes you think of sexually dirty innuendo. Or-when you hear something that makes you think of something dirty or sexual, "splash" is the sound "your mind makes when it falls into the gutter".

Jimmy said that the guy at the hotdog stand didn't like big wieners. so to respond to what Jimmy said, I yelled: Splash!
by The Eastah Bunny March 30, 2007
"splash work"
by noixz January 15, 2009
the act of releasing feces from your anus; taking a poop
I'll be back, I gatta take a splash
by Joey Bam-Bam April 22, 2006
The sound that constipated shit makes when it hits toilet water.
After I drank that container of Pepto Bismal I had a splash in the bathroom.
by Josh Kirkley November 27, 2004
1. (v.) The act of ejaculating in such a manner as to create an effect much akin to that of milk crowning upon impact.
2. (n.) The sticky result resulting from defintion 1.
Bukake hits you like a splash of love.

I almost slipped on Johnson's splash over there.
by Mizike June 19, 2003

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