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1. (v.) The act of ejaculating in such a manner as to create an effect much akin to that of milk crowning upon impact.
2. (n.) The sticky result resulting from defintion 1.
Bukake hits you like a splash of love.

I almost slipped on Johnson's splash over there.
by Mizike June 19, 2003
A cigarette rolled with approximately one part tobacco and one part hash. A variation on the common term spliff, meaning a cigarette rolled with marijuana and tobacco.
Dude, I got fucked up on the splash last night!
by Original Maker March 20, 2008
Soda. Generally a two or one litter bottle. Any remaining soda under the label is considered "spray" (usually flat).
Yo, pass me some splash.
by Big Schlong Stud January 25, 2008
The sexual act that postitons the passive partner under a glass table naked and masturbating while their lover/attacker/relative squats above and shits on the table causing a splash of shit that get's their partner off.
"Yo dude, did you splash that bitch last night?"
by DeadlyDave June 05, 2006
n. News, the latest info
Got any splash on their next album coming out?
by CTrunr September 21, 2005
to talk to offend a established gully (reference Gully for definition) citizen or legal alien. To belittle and or completely shit on that persons aspirations, views, or opinions. Saying anything that completely befuddles the mind of the victim to the point of “what motherfucka!?!?”
"My pit was takin' a Squalor on this cats shoelaces, he fronted like a car bumper, so I filled his grittle cakes with lead pieces for talking splash"
by Alfred A Bearcock III May 31, 2004
an aperitif served in Spain and Portugal, which is made of equal parts white port and tonic water. served over ice with a twist of lemon, it's popular with the natives.

Hombre 1: Hey, hombre, want a splash before dinner?
Hombre 2: sounds good...but mi amigo, is that not the same as a portonic?
Hombre 1: no way hombre, the portonic, it have a slice of lemon, the splash, it have a twist of lemon.
Hombre 2: o! comprendo!
by Simone March 01, 2005