when a female squirts
that bitch splashed all over me last night
by splashtastic August 05, 2012
a big shit that you struggle to push out, and when it finally ejects out of your ass it makes a spalsh so big it hits your ring piece and can be heard for miles.
thought i was constipated, but just had a splash...its all good.
by dumpmaster9 July 06, 2011
The act of a guy, getting a Hand job, or Blow Job, and allowing a large load of cum to escape onto the girl/ guys face.
Guy: "They call him Splash"

Girl: "Whyyy?"

Guy: He splashed in his last girls face."

Girl: "Ohh" <--She gives the 'come hither look, if she bes a hoe".
by Omar and Horhey May 07, 2010
(v.) To smoke marijuana or shisha out of a hookah. Commonly used as slang for having a hookah session or just smoking in general.
"Yo let's go splash some pooty water."

"Man I'm gonna get so fucking splashed tonight."

"Pass the cheezits.
by Sleeping Pooty February 18, 2014
Beer pong.
Ay so we splashing this weekend or what?
by coolging805 September 29, 2013
A small amount of liquor; approximately a shot.
"I'll take a splash of Jaeger"
by big craig February 11, 2013
A hybrid word, coming from the nouns, Spliff, and Ash.

The word definition is simple: Splash, or stylized as SplAsh, is the ash that comes off a spliff as you smoke it.
"Hey man, don't be spilling all that splash everywhere, I just cleaned my car earlier today."
by Ethan Thomas March 23, 2010

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