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Term used for the sex act known as either ass to pussy, A2P, ATP or spetic vagina. This invloves the active partner swapping between fucking the ass of a woman to fucking the pussy of a woman multiple times during sex. The cock or object will not usually be washed making for a higher chance of infection.
"That bitch loved it last night when I tried some Double Dipping with her, she has probably got a shitty pussy now but I don't care."
by DeadlyDave June 05, 2006
The act of fucking a woman in the pussy with your cock while simultaneaously sticking your balls in her arse, known as "keeping the dog in the bathtub" because it is as hard to pull of successfully as keeping your dog in the the bathtub while washing it.

See also plum fuck
"Hey Jeff, I was keeping the dog in the bathtub all last night with that ho, my balls still smell"
by DeadlyDave June 05, 2006
A man vaginally penetrates one woman while orally performing upon a second woman. The two women engage in sexplay from the waist up.
"That guys loves to wear Napoleon's Hat with as many ladies as possible"
by DeadlyDave June 05, 2006
To do "The Crouch" is to do a version of the robot dance. It got it's name following it's use by the professional footballer (soccer player for all you yanks) Peter Crouch who has taken it as his trademark goal celebration. What makes it different to the robot and has given it cult appeal is the size of Peter Crouch. The player is 6,6" tall and very slim so when he does the dance it makes for extra commical effect.
"When Crouch scored last night did you notice everyone in the pub doing The Crouch too?"
by DeadlyDave June 13, 2006
Racist slur standing for Big Lipped Tyrone used for dissing blackies because Tyrone is a common black name and they all have big lips.
"Dude, did you see that BLT over there checking out your little sister? we should pop a cap in his ass"
by DeadlyDave June 13, 2006
The sexual act that postitons the passive partner under a glass table naked and masturbating while their lover/attacker/relative squats above and shits on the table causing a splash of shit that get's their partner off.
"Yo dude, did you splash that bitch last night?"
by DeadlyDave June 05, 2006
As an adjective, dope describes something that is totally awesome
Hey bro, that pic of the lambo you took is dope
by Deadlydave March 09, 2015

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