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Abbreviation slang for information. It's easier to say and it sounds cooler.
"Can you give me some info on the History assignment."
"No! Do your own work!"
by Dylan Hewson June 09, 2005
1. A light-hearted rendition on the abbreviation "info"
2. An abbreviation for "information," but necessarily in the plural form.
A sign: "Great products 4 cheap! Buy Now"

Internal response: "Hm, I will first need to obtain more critical infos or some other legitimizing business artifact."
by jhwilliams April 20, 2009
when you have relations with a girl that you don't want anyone to find out about. If Noone Found Out
"Jenny is a real big info"
by Matt T Liam C October 03, 2006
Another term for information, or info
"Hey bish! Give me your infos!"

"I want to login, but I need some infos"
by teh parts March 09, 2004
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