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Jamaican slang for youth,young person or child.
she have a yute fi me.
by Jamaican - S.W. October 08, 2003
383 87
plural for young adults.
"The two yutes in question." - My Cousin Vinny
by Boutros Boutros-Ghali July 18, 2003
188 65
u likkle yute!
by Nathan September 22, 2003
185 80
A year-minute, a minute that feels like it goes for a year. It's usually experienced when passing out, dying, or in extreme cases of boredom.
I was standing in the queue to the bathroom for a yute.
by Teaching New Words June 30, 2014
0 0
another word for mates,friends,fellow men
"my yutes mean everythink to me"
by azzabazza February 03, 2008
24 55
To be so cute there is no other word but yutes
My chihuahua just licked my face. freakin' yutes
by mrsnickerdoodle November 30, 2007
19 67
A slang term for obsessive YouTube enthusiasts, especially youths.
Stefan and his friends are such Yutes. They'd rather spend all day watching videos on YouTube instead of doing homework.
by J. Robertshaw July 29, 2007
19 67