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a well know john getting exposed by a prostitute so she can cash in.
careful Mayor, you could get spitzered.
Hey LeBron, don't be goin there, she knows who you are and you could get spitzered.
by snappy2 March 15, 2008
To lose your job because you got caught paying for something you should have gotten for free anyway.

Elliot Spitzer got fired after getting caught with a 3 diamond prostitute.
Don't get spitzered man, you can totally talk that vendor into giving you that stuff for free.

Jimmy was spitzered from the dairy farm. He bought the cow when he could have got the milk for free.

by fess April 21, 2008
Past tense of the intransitive verb to spitzer, which means to self-destruct. Used most frequently when referring to politicians, although linguists predict the term will be more widely used.
He spitzered after years of pomposity.
by Sandrina March 18, 2008
The act of vehemently accusing and or chastising someone for a behavior or action, then doing the very same thing when they turn their back.
Former Governor Elliot Spitzer Prosecuted Prostitution rings, and customers; all while using them himself for the past decade. Each of the persons prosecuted were "spitzered."
by Ascoda March 12, 2008
The ability to lose your prestigious, high profile, well paying job and the public's confidence, because you paid for sex.
Eliot was Spitzered by Kristen and the FBI.
by mecicon March 11, 2008
Losing ones high-paying, high-profile job after being caught in a prostitution ring.
Mike got spitzered from his VP job after he was busted with that hooker.
by jrod147 March 11, 2008
Getting so drunk you forget to put your porn collection away leading to it's discovery in the morning.
Mike: The old lady's breathen down my neck.

Ike: I told you to quit getting spitzered.
by Mbob March 20, 2008
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