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18 definitions by snappy2

Yiddish for small penis. Not a flattering term. Often used to describe a person in unflattering terms.
Herbie is such a schmeckel he can't get the same date twice.
Herbie's such a schmeckel the girls at the office nicknamed him "Is it In?" Herbie.
by snappy2 March 31, 2008
101 20
take one for the team.
we were on a losing streak ever since the BBW showed up and started hangin round and every one was ignoring her. to break our losing streak I TOFTT.
by snappy2 March 27, 2008
76 28
when a well known political figure gets caught with his pants down.
the Dems will win the election if McCain gets spitzerized.
by snappy2 March 15, 2008
52 10
a well know john getting exposed by a prostitute so she can cash in.
careful Mayor, you could get spitzered.
Hey LeBron, don't be goin there, she knows who you are and you could get spitzered.
by snappy2 March 15, 2008
42 1
Yiddish for HUGE penis admired by others. The reference is to the person as a schmuckaluvich because with a schmuckaluvich that attribute overshadows all else.
That schmuckaluvich has got it made with the girls.
Yo, schmuckaluvich, why don't you share some of that action?
Hey, Herbie's going out with that supermodel...is he a schmuckaluvich or what?
by snappy2 March 31, 2008
48 11
bringing a third candidate into a political race who has a less than a zero chance of winning, but for delusional reasons of "principal" this candidate joins the race and the result is the delusional candidate filters enough "statement" votes from the frontrunner to give the expected runner-up the victory.
Our best shot at winning this election is to Naderize a kook into joining the race to take votes away from our opponent.
by snappy2 February 26, 2008
39 6
1. sex with a Euro.
2. what happens to Americans when they exchange dollars for euros.
1. a Yank in Paris shouldn't miss out on a euro-fuck.
2. a dollar gets me 49 cents worth of euros...I been euro-fucked. thanks Bush.
by snappy2 March 03, 2008
47 17