Ghetto slang for a SPAS 12 semi-automatic shotgun.
In a back alley behind a nightclub, Nick D is having a deadly confrontation with a rival pimp. Or with the confrontation indeed end up deadly for Nick or for his rival?

Rival Pimp: (threatening Nick D with a large razor-sharp machete*) Aiight, Nick "Tiny Dick," you've got a lot of explaining yo self to do, since I caught you on the hunt for pink october making off with my women.
Nick D: Yeah, really. You know what them girls said about you while I was slippin' them the sausage? They say that they prefer my company over that of a smelly, tore up, parasite-infested cheese hog niggapotamus like yo-self!
Rival Pimp: *face turns red* That's it, sucka! Me and my crew are gonna run up to you and slice and dice you so bad, the ER surgeons are gonna have to perform a shitload of cabbages to save yo trick-ass self, bitch!
Nick D: *quickly pulls out his SPAS-12 from underneath his trenchcoat and points it at his rival* Not while I got my spazz with me, mothafucka!
Rival Pimp: *empties his urinary bladder all over his pants and runs off bawling like a momma's boy*
by Mark H October 07, 2004
Top Definition
spazz - (1). A reaction to something crazy or weird. (2). Another word for "freak out".
"OMG! I'm gonna SPAZZ!" - Lazz
by Maxrpg February 18, 2003
A person, either male or female, who can be very over-dramatic, moody, weird, quirky, flamboyant, annoying, suggestive, passionate, passive-aggressive, and/or socially retarded (awkward). Someone who says very disturbing, mind-boggling, and/or hilariously "random" things (often at the most inappropriate times). Someone who is very eccentric or alternative in their manner of being emotionally and/or physically expressive.
You know, if you hadn't jumped on top of that car and started yelling "Tickle me with your tongue again, daddy!", people might not have yelled "Spazz!" at you.
by Matt Spazz October 16, 2007
1.) adj. word used to describe someone who you think is completely idiotic, and is acting immaturely or retarded.
2.) v. to flip out at something, yell and scream, usually completely random words.
1.)"What the hell Annie, your such a spazz"
2.)"Man, yesterday Kenny spazzed on the teacher for failing him"
by snuffles. March 02, 2006
an extremely influential powerviolence band from california.
by BlazeOvTorment July 30, 2010
a term offensive to the disabled, originating from spastic (now un-PC word for sufferers of cerebral palsy) to suggest someone is acting in a retarded way

see also spazzer, spaz
you spilt all the beer you spazz
by wankfest September 04, 2004
someone whos wierd
dude that thing you did make you look like a spazz
by gfhhbgfbgbytgbtgbgfb January 29, 2009
SPAZZ is a group made up by A.P. and J.G. to represent all the spazz' of the world.
It means you are crazy, wild, unpredictable, and weird.
Look at that girl she's total SPAZZ material!
by Allie_Babyy December 25, 2007
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