The whelps of the intergalactic bears. They are a brutal species as they suck their advisories until they become dry and tasty as beef jerky. Then it is sold to the what we call, humans for meaty snacks. Their over mind, Zel'Zemaratar, happens to be ruthless political activist though has not seen the irony at the moment. Cheddar is unlike Will Farrel.
The example of a Spazz statement^
by Jimoa June 14, 2007
Often somebody with a dysfuntonal part of their body. If they are dyspraxic a.k.a clumsy chld syndrome they will often be laazy and randomly make up excuses to skip physical activities, they will also appear as a tomato after an sports.
"Rory** Irving is a complete spazz"
by bashley July 04, 2005
To have reached breaking point, and to release anger in a dramatic fashion- usually verbal or physical. (to chuck a s~) Also known as a Spazzy or spazzy attack.
She just chucked a spazz at me, she's one angry woman!
Stay away from her, she just chucked the world's biggest spazzy at me. What have I done!
by Soma. September 26, 2005
Ghetto slang for a SPAS 12 semi-automatic shotgun.
In a back alley behind a nightclub, Nick D is having a deadly confrontation with a rival pimp. Or with the confrontation indeed end up deadly for Nick or for his rival?

Rival Pimp: (threatening Nick D with a large razor-sharp machete*) Aiight, Nick "Tiny Dick," you've got a lot of explaining yo self to do, since I caught you on the hunt for pink october making off with my women.
Nick D: Yeah, really. You know what them girls said about you while I was slippin' them the sausage? They say that they prefer my company over that of a smelly, tore up, parasite-infested cheese hog niggapotamus like yo-self!
Rival Pimp: *face turns red* That's it, sucka! Me and my crew are gonna run up to you and slice and dice you so bad, the ER surgeons are gonna have to perform a shitload of cabbages to save yo trick-ass self, bitch!
Nick D: *quickly pulls out his SPAS-12 from underneath his trenchcoat and points it at his rival* Not while I got my spazz with me, mothafucka!
Rival Pimp: *empties his urinary bladder all over his pants and runs off bawling like a momma's boy*
by Mark H October 07, 2004
the act or art of ejaculation
he spazzed on his ho
by tha slikness August 11, 2005
1)Someone who is Mentally ill, with dissorders such as Autism or downs syndrome
2)Someone who's behaviour can be related or compared to that of a mentally ill person
That Guy with the huge forehead is a spazz
by C.May June 26, 2004
A total idiot. One who is very angry. See: Albu
Looks like Albu is spazzing again
by BOFH July 12, 2004

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