A sexually transmitted disease when it burns when you pee
Man I've been burning ever since i fucked that hoodrat bitch Taiesha
by Redrum December 08, 2002
Mostly used in the Uk when someone has been insulted very badly by someone else. Fuming is also said because the person that was insulted is usually very angry
'Did you hear Jean said to Ms. R"
"Yeah, It was so rude she must be burning"
"Naah she must have been fuming
by sit-downlove April 20, 2015
when your really angry about something that happened/didnt happen also see cut
tod: u missed the maddest footy game last night
eric: farout man i know i was BURNING
by srbby December 08, 2007
when someone burns their wrist with either a lighter, candle, ect. as a form of self-injury or si.
my friends been burning her wrists lately
by helen March 26, 2004
To annoy people when they are chilling. "To burn someones chill"
eg1. Jack stole Micks beer
Mick: WTF man! Stop burning and give me my beer back. I was well chill!


Dan: I'm thinking of inviting Jack to the party.
Mick: NO WAY! That douche is such a burner.
by Jord T May 12, 2009
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