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smoking, usually weed
we burning tonight or what
by deejay January 15, 2004
327 130
V: to spread the std gonorea
that bitch dominique is burning niggas
by Big wayne April 09, 2003
173 90
A sexually transmitted disease when it burns when you pee
Man I've been burning ever since i fucked that hoodrat bitch Taiesha
by Redrum December 08, 2002
113 74
when your really angry about something that happened/didnt happen also see cut
tod: u missed the maddest footy game last night
eric: farout man i know i was BURNING
by srbby December 08, 2007
20 36
To annoy people when they are chilling. "To burn someones chill"
eg1. Jack stole Micks beer
Mick: WTF man! Stop burning and give me my beer back. I was well chill!


Dan: I'm thinking of inviting Jack to the party.
Mick: NO WAY! That douche is such a burner.
by Jord T May 12, 2009
15 33
when someone burns their wrist with either a lighter, candle, ect. as a form of self-injury or si.
my friends been burning her wrists lately
by helen March 26, 2004
57 76
using medicine to fight off std's
bb:"Damn she a hoe"
pooka: "i heard she burning she got std's"
by pooka4life February 16, 2008
9 32