1. Another name for canabis resin, it comes in a solid lump which is crumbled or grated then smoked.

2. what people refer to "hard" people
1. ite m8, can i score up an 1/8 of solid

2. mate, that guy is solid
by Dan Beale, mopsy February 19, 2006
1. A state of matter.

2. An exclmation often used by ginos, townies and neds to mean cool or variation thereof.

3. A combination of both 1 and 2.
"What state of matter is a gino?"
"SOLIDDD! brup brup."
by El Gordo October 20, 2004
You can describe a plan as solid to let someone know you've made a plan to which you tend to stick to the letter with no wiggle room. This is the plan and that's the way it's gonna go. Solid.
Okay, so I'll pick you up at eight and we'll go for dinner. Solid.
by Alan Candlewick May 23, 2010
An expression used for showing how impressed you are at something. This can be used when you are reffering to something that is very sweet
"yo yo homie what'cha think of Fat Albert?"
"'twas solid"
by C-Lub Ndawg January 08, 2005
A friend who is not your best friend, however they are really close to you. You don't necessarily need to chill with them all the time like you would a best friend. You can even go weeks with out talking to them, but when you do chill its like you've never been apart. A solid will be there for you no mater what. They're a friend who can last a life time as apposed to a best friend, where your friendship could crumble over the years. Its just having a true genuine friend.
Pino, Emily, Lorena, Paola, Kdogg, and Nahaff are my solids for life.
by Lauren Feliciano August 09, 2008
Solid, also known as 'hash' or 'rocky,' is cannabis resin (not the green stuff) and isn't so great in comparason, but hey, it's better than nothing.

Apparently, there are some dangers with solid; sometimes it's mixed with camel crap (not so bad) but sometimes it can be mixed with oil to give you cancer that bit more quickly.
Guy 1: "What the fuck? We havn't got enough for an eighth of weed..."
Guy 2: "Should we save it for next time or pick up some solid instead?"
Guy 1: "Pick up, pick up!"
Guy 2: "Agreed."
by Rep August 24, 2004
adj. originated as slang during the 80's meaning "cool" or "good" brought back to life in a small Pennsylvanian town
You: "Hey wanna go to the movies?"
Me: "Yeah, that's solid"
by whit November 26, 2004

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