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basicly when someone goes to have sexual intercourse with someone
' wheres she goin?'
'oh ya know for a bit of slap n tickle'
by xxljxx May 13, 2006
basicly weed that is really easy to crumble
'wot sorta weed ya got m8'
'touch crumble its shit hot'
by xxljxx May 13, 2006
A small town in north yorkshire basicly consisting of sheep and old people.

visit it to find out wot im talking about!!
' man this place got more old people than skipton'
' u want boredom? go to skipton!!'
by xxljxx April 06, 2006
weed that has to be burned n cumbled to make a joint
' yo this solid is shite keeps burning ma fingers'
by xxljxx May 13, 2006
very good singer from pennsylvania u.s
far better singer than any other woman i.e britney spears, shakira, ciara
famous for songs such as 'dirty' 'beautiful' ' genie in a bottle'
also famous for dressing and looking like a slut
recently married jordan bratman who seems to be keeping her on track
' whos that hooker'
' u blind thats christina aguilera'

' to dirty to clean my act up' -- dirty
' you are beautiful no matter what they say' -- beautiful
' im a genie in a bottle ya gotta rub me the right way' -- genie in a bottle
by xxljxx May 13, 2006
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