Same; me too
"I have class at 9."
"Oh really?! Sock! Let's sit together!"
by calisorangesharpie December 06, 2009
(noun) police and military slang for a "plant gun" -- gun placed near or on a suspect by the arresting official as fake evidence of threat.

The term "sock" is used because the plant gun is usually "found" in the suspect's sock, where it is easiest to conceal the act of planting the evidence. In military war zones, it is an illegal but common practice to keep a steady supply of plant guns handy
Oh fuck, I just shot that perp dead in his grill -- someone slide me a sock!
by bunky42 July 28, 2009
A garment traditionally worn as a means of retaining heat lost from the foot, but more contemporarily, as a meant of catching (and subsequently, wiping) male coital fluid.
"Woah fuck! I'm going to blow a knuckle child! Best whip out the sock.
by hilary_smackaddictedbaby November 13, 2008
A mild insult mainly in online gaming . Similar to telling someone they suck .
In game saying "You are teh sock"
by 727 May 13, 2006
Something you put over your foot so your foot doesn't smell.
I need a sock
by Jarrod February 05, 2003
It belongs on ones foot. sometimes these become lodged up the batty
aw man my socks gone up my batty again
by Rudie the Rachel September 23, 2004
A garment that can be rolled up and inserted into a female to male transexual's pants to mimic the penis he will one day have
1. She wears a sock in her pants because she wants her own dick
by Aleckzandre February 19, 2009

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