traditionally worn on the feet, me, beth and fred have decided they are very good at keepin your arms warm!
dude, ma arms are fukin freezin!
well put sum long socks on then!
(this example actually happend!)
by luce sez eat cheese December 10, 2004
some other cunt's kid.....s,o,c,k.
a women with a child or children to another man.
you should lose that skanky ho her sock is causing you nothing but trouble.
by speedy July 03, 2004
socks are also another name for tires on a set of dubs.
Flip-flop, candy drop, Mj's with the socks. young joc
by josh beyer October 23, 2006
A poor womans pad during her period or when caught by surprise. This is where the missing sock goes every month.
"Hey baby are you off the sock yet?"
by familyguy April 26, 2005
Short for "Sucks Cocks", Socks is to recieve oral sex. If you recieve a pair of socks, you've been given a blowjob, and if you give a pair, you've licked out a girl.
-So what happened last nite man? I didn't see you anywhere!
-I was getting socks off of (girl)
-Man you rock!
by Andy June 16, 2004
when a person ejackulates into a sock and hits another person on the head with the sock.
if you dont swallow i will sock you
by tim September 06, 2003
A Ejaculatory Device used by fucking faliure/skids that have nothing else going for them in life.
Chase looked at his life, said "fuck", and cummed in a sock.
by Rob February 03, 2003

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