1. not a shoe

2. foot garments not went to e warn with sandals
1. u rock my socks

2. asian people wear socks with their sandals
by kyoroxmysox March 01, 2008
to hit or punch usually to hurt
when i got in a fight wit dat trick i just kept sockin her in da face
by Skittlez 95 September 18, 2006
noun; foot garment used by flatchested females or underendowed males to create an illusion of fullness or "bulge"
verb; to use sock(s) for above purposes
"Look at dat bitch Kat, she socked tonight!"
"Look at that fool Matt, you know he used a sock"
by BeauDerek April 12, 2003
A sexualy word which a women doesn't wish to to have sex, so the man sock's himself.
"If you won't do it, then I'll sock my self!"
by Puffezza August 13, 2007
1. A warm, fuzzy feeling, often associated with incoherent thought process, and total lack of sanity.
2. socks or sox (sks) A short stocking reaching a point between the ankle and the knee.
3. tr.v. socked, sock·ing, socks
To provide with socks.
Ex 1: Hotel gives me socks. Oodles of socks.

Ex 2: That old dude just socked me! For $4 at 4 AM. AND THE SOCKS AREN'T HALF AS WARM AS THEY LOOK.
by Bill Riech May 06, 2006
referring to:
Posers who drive cars, that the owner may think sound and look real hot, but in actuality, it is a cheap cover of a "real car" i.e. muffler is ready to fall off, doesn't purr, it growls, painted 3 colors, body kit falling off,etc..
From the comparison of men using socks to stuff their underwear to make people think that they actually have "something" same applies here.
"Hey, look at that Eclispe, that's all socks baby."
by Katie Picha November 29, 2005
Originating from the word sick. Used to express enthusiasm about something.
Wow, that was so sock!
by liz March 09, 2005

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