A term used for children who arent yours. Ie. Your girlfriend or wifes kids from another man.
John: I started seeing this chick a while back, shes a real nice bird. She wanted to start getting serious with the relationship and it all sounded good till I found out she had a pair of socks. Joe: what do you mean socks? John: you know, some other cunts kids!
by myopinionisking November 12, 2011
a piece of hockey equipment worn over the shin pads. stupid non-hockey players occasionally refer to them as "leg-warmers". clearly they're idiots.
Person 1: Look at how ugly those legwarmers are!!
Person 2: Clearly you're retarded. They're playing hockey, they're not WEARING any legwarmers.
Person 3: Dude... I think they mean the socks....
Person 1: Oh...true. Sorry, I don't play hockey, I do tae kwon do.

Person 2&3: Okay... we still love you. We guess.
by IHeartSouthKorea. October 21, 2010
(noun) police and military slang for a "plant gun" -- gun placed near or on a suspect by the arresting official as fake evidence of threat.

The term "sock" is used because the plant gun is usually "found" in the suspect's sock, where it is easiest to conceal the act of planting the evidence. In military war zones, it is an illegal but common practice to keep a steady supply of plant guns handy
Oh fuck, I just shot that perp dead in his grill -- someone slide me a sock!
by bunky42 July 28, 2009
A garment traditionally worn as a means of retaining heat lost from the foot, but more contemporarily, as a meant of catching (and subsequently, wiping) male coital fluid.
"Woah fuck! I'm going to blow a knuckle child! Best whip out the sock.
by hilary_smackaddictedbaby November 13, 2008
A mild insult mainly in online gaming . Similar to telling someone they suck .
In game saying "You are teh sock"
by 727 May 13, 2006
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