Acronym for Some Other Cunts Kid.
Heke: Faaarrr bro - these all your kids??
Junior: Nah bro, these two are mine, and that ones a Sock..
by killermike January 06, 2013
Not a shoe.
I put my socks on in the morning. It is important to wear socks because if you don't your feet will smell the next day.
by froggy01 April 24, 2011
Acc; Some Other Cunts Kid. Stepchildren
Q: "How did your date with old love go?"

A: "No good man she's got a couple of fucking SOCKs running around, fuck that shit..."
by Bungi24/7 February 09, 2011
Sock... Abbreviated term for - Some other cunt's kid.
"'Sock is being a Coat (See Coat)"
by "Big Fish August 16, 2009
Usually white or black colored garments that go on your feet.
Those are ugly designed socks.
by Da Hoodsta Balla July 29, 2005
Noun. A gay or bi-sexual man who participates in group sex with at least one other man and is sexually penetrated analy while in the act of sexual penetration (either anal or vaginal).
That porn star usually plays the part of the sock in MMF porn.
by Trigger85 May 16, 2016
an item of clothing worn on ones feet or penis to make oneself more confortable
I'm wearing three socks today!
by Richard Mastercock March 03, 2016
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