What is the fucking point in looking up the definition for sock you sad dumbass!!!
Why the fuck are you still looking for Sock!?!
by S.A.C January 22, 2014
A name given to an uncircumcised guy's penis. Or simply just a name given to a guy who has an uncircumcised penis. Used as the opposite of helmet, i.e. a circumcised guy's penis.

This of course came about due to the obvious visual differences, i.e. a circumcised penis could appear to be wearing a helmet, whereas the extra skin on an uncircumcised penis kinda looks like a sock.
Curious Dude: "Hey man, question. Are you a helmet or a sock?"

Jewish Dude: "Holy crap, man, for the last time: I'm Jewish! Think about it."

Curious/Confused Dude: "What the hell, man? What's Judaism got to do with your package?"

Exasperated/Jewish Dude: "Oy!"
by Yorko February 26, 2008
1. A garment worn on the foot.
2. A temporary device for contraceptive purposes.
3. someting u use if you want to keeep your bed clean.
1. Mum , whares my sock.
2. No, use contraceptives
ok, ill use a sock
3. Mum, im using a sock, you dont have to clean the sheets.
by captain will October 14, 2005
Straight Outta Compton Kids- gang of white kids located in macomb, michigan who act like gang members, The way they terrorize people is by making bad jokes that only make them look stupid
SOCK-Straight Outta Compton Kids
by Bick Nike April 23, 2010
a mitten for your foot it normally comes in a pair of twos and keeps your feet toasty warm ;
1. man, my feet are so cold i need a pair of socks
by sock lover December 01, 2009
A term used for children who arent yours. Ie. Your girlfriend or wifes kids from another man.
John: I started seeing this chick a while back, shes a real nice bird. She wanted to start getting serious with the relationship and it all sounded good till I found out she had a pair of socks. Joe: what do you mean socks? John: you know, some other cunts kids!
by myopinionisking November 12, 2011
a piece of hockey equipment worn over the shin pads. stupid non-hockey players occasionally refer to them as "leg-warmers". clearly they're idiots.
Person 1: Look at how ugly those legwarmers are!!
Person 2: Clearly you're retarded. They're playing hockey, they're not WEARING any legwarmers.
Person 3: Dude... I think they mean the socks....
Person 1: Oh...true. Sorry, I don't play hockey, I do tae kwon do.

Person 2&3: Okay... we still love you. We guess.
by IHeartSouthKorea. October 21, 2010
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