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verb intransitive
been around for a long time. suprised it had not been defined
past tense 1. To stike someone with great force.
2. To be struck with great force by someone.
1. "Man, I socked dude because he was coming at me wrong."
2. "I was just telling this guy that I thought he should turn down his music when he socked me repeatedly until I blanked out. I don't know why he did it. It all happened so quickly. I mean I just don't know what is up with those people. They're so violent." (that's why he "just" got socked for saying some stuff like that)
by Mac Neez September 23, 2007
That feeling of putting on a fresh new pair of socks
Dude I got totally socked this morning
by therealmh May 05, 2011
To be socked,means to be treated like a bitch,no if or buts.
Ben:that nigga looks like he needs to be socked
by iceteawithalowercasee July 05, 2013
to be socked, is when your dick in a sock and slap a girl with it.
i socked that bitch last night when she started pissing me off
by phret June 16, 2010
When a girl has sex with a guy in a masculine or dominating fashion
Dude, she totally socked me last night

She wears the pants.. she socks him

OMG I socked the &*%@ out of him last night
by Stiids February 18, 2011
the act of male mastubating into a sock.
I couldnt find any tissues so I just socked it instead
by CO6969_25 April 05, 2011

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