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the wonderful combination of snuggling and cuddling
"i love you"
"i love you too"
"lets snuddle!"
by scotchtape21 December 21, 2005
A hybrid of Snuggle and Cuddle.
Lets Snuddle!
by twoeightsixfoo September 14, 2008
verb: to embrace another in a combined snuggle and cuddle for a relatively long period of time; especially an extended embrace between a human being and his/her animal pet.
Alex, the cat who owns me, and I had a really long snuddle this morning after he came inside from catting around outside.
by Sometimes Saintly Nick June 06, 2010
When two individuals cuddle or lay with one another inside God's greatest blessing, a God damn Snuggie.
The young surfer loved to snuddle with his lovely latina each and every cold Sunday night.
by FOXYTALK November 22, 2010
This one's pretty simple folks: snuggle + cuddle = snuddle
Spooning could be considered an example of snuddling. Tell it to your lady friend and it'll for sure make her giggle with delight and make her think you're that much more amazing. i.e. "Baby you're so cute i just wanna get all close to you and snuddle you to death!"
by jordan ST February 01, 2007