Social Networking On Weekend

a person can be snowing on weekend, meaning simply indulging in social networking on weekend.
Winter: what are you doing this weekend? ; Summer: i am SNOWing ; Winter: You copy cat ; Summer: oh, i just meant i am Social Networking On Weekend
by Gitika December 20, 2009
sick fuck, white shit that falls from the sky.
gods dandruff "snow"
by hannahmarg January 14, 2009
referring to sperm/seamen
i felt the snow in my mouth after giving him a bj
by urcatsonmyfence April 29, 2008
What a 'lady' does instead 'of taking the kids to the pool' i.e: taking a crap
'I'd give it 5 minutes, its been snowing rather heavily in their for a while!!'
by Nic and Low March 20, 2008
A refferance to people of caucasion descent.
Canada is filled with snow poeple.
by Demicci Deja Dior-Britt October 04, 2007
Major cockblock/ obnoxious interruption of plans.
There was so much snow he couldn't come over.
by lkaiwoeur January 30, 2010
Snow is a racist term used to describe white people in general, mainly because their skin tone is white as an snow.
Damn, look at that snow whitey, he's white as a snow.
by PeterRDGriffin84 September 27, 2009

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