1. mislead, especially by overwhelming with (mis)information
2. deceive
3. hoodwink
4. bamboozle
The teacher was snowed by the seemingly endless barrage of students' questions and failed to realize what was really occuring in the classroom.
by Herman van den Berg May 25, 2005
1 - White, cold, soft, slightly frozen water that falls from the sky in winter. Also tastes nice. Beware of yellow snow.
2 - Cocaine or crack. A white powder powder narcotic. Also called blow, charlie, snowflake.
1 - Ooh look its starting to snow outside! Lets eat some. *Uh-oh*...I think I ate some of the yellow snow.
2 - Don't sniff cocaine, kids.
by Eta January 23, 2005
It is the process of adding lots of small hole-punched papers into a nuggeted back pack.
WTF!? Who the hell snowed my back pack?
by I1ncubus August 21, 2009
Stuff that you think looks beautiful in December but when March rolls around you are sick of the stuff.
December 4: Oh, look it is snowing. How lovely for the holidays
March 4: I am sick of this fucking snow. When will it ever get spring and melt that goddamm stuff. I hate shoveling.
by Kyle 230 December 07, 2009
Social Networking Online Whore

Someone who creates profiles on all of the social networking sites (i.e. MySpace, Facebook, Quechup, Friendster etc.) for the sole purpose of collecting random "friends" so they can look popular.
I am not going out with that guy. He's got 2000 random women on his MySpace page. He's such a SNOW!
by DaMuse April 22, 2008
White shit that falls from the sky and ruins your plans, or saves you from school.
I was on my way to her party but it snowed so I went home instead.

Person 1: Dude I didn't finish my paper
Person 2: Look outside, it's snowing, you have another day.
by It'sScro January 07, 2011
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