particles of sawdust that end up on the rafters in the industrial arts building
Teacher: nice going bob, you got it snowing in here again
by DMJeff24 January 26, 2007
Acronym for "Superb Notorious Outrageous Whiteboy"
Hey, did you see that S.N.O.W. over there?
by YoungEagle2k12 February 17, 2015
Major cockblock/ obnoxious interruption of plans.
There was so much snow he couldn't come over.
by lkaiwoeur January 30, 2010
The act of ejaculating on a woman also know as a "cumshot".
I made it snow all over her last night.
by Havendi January 29, 2010
That white cracker rapper from the early 90's w/ hit "informer"
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
(Verb) To snow, ejaculate onto a hard surface and let dry. Once dry, scrape the seminal fluid off in flakes, placing them in a salt-shaker. The actual act of snowing is then when the dried flakes of semen are sprinkled onto someone.
"How did that bachelor party end up?" "We all snowed the hooker, it was sick!"
by supersimpsonman January 21, 2012
a finely crushed and powdered form of the prescription drug oxycodon or oxyxotin that is snorted up the nose. so named because of the white powdery apperence and phyisical resemblence to cocaine which is also refered to as snow.
we did three lines of snow and had no clue where we were.
by dominizzle December 02, 2007
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