White shit. Enough said.
Bob : Damnit, stupid snow again, be right back gotta shovel.
by SomeoneWhoHatesShoveling December 11, 2009
the black and white display of a t.v. when there is no reception
For the first 20 minutes my t.v. is on, I see more snow than cable
by Bungalow Bill December 02, 2001
Water in a white, crystalline form. On high magnification, demonstrates fractal branching
comes in several forms, most amazing of which is powder, also called champagne snow

also known as God's Dandruf
five feet of snow makes for good skiing
by esragoria March 12, 2009
A refferance to people of caucasion descent.
Canada is filled with snow poeple.
by Demicci Deja Dior-Britt October 04, 2007
A girl's middle name, but can be a last name, who is very pale and fragile. She will have small danty features, most likely to have brown to dark brown hair. Most likely to be short and small, have a self-conscious side to her. She is very cute and most likely quiet around new people. She is a cute girl.
boy: "Who is that girl??"
boy2: "That is Snow."
boy3: "She's so cute!!"
by snowfairy1121 January 08, 2015
Snow is a racist term used to describe white people in general, mainly because their skin tone is white as an snow.
Damn, look at that snow whitey, he's white as a snow.
by PeterRDGriffin84 September 27, 2009
The white stuff that sticks to your car that if you dont wipe off immediately, will freeze overnight because the noon-sun has melted some of it, but not all of it. Then you have to become fustrated because you can't see anything through your windshield that has ice on it.
Guy 1 - (wipes the snow off the windshield to find a layer of ice) "What the fuck?"

Guy 2 - "Hey man what happened?"

Guy 1 - "Remember how it snowed two days ago? Well, I stayed inside drinking beer the whole weekend and some of the snow melted and froze on the windshield."

Guy 2 - "Dude that totally sucks."

Guy 1 - "This is why I hate snow"
by chinesefocker January 24, 2011

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