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a derrogitory term for police officers in general.
i smell bacon
i smell greese
i smell (insert) city police!
#greese #bacin #police #cops #city #run
by dominizzle December 02, 2007
a combination of "for reals." and "seriously"used to show emphasis. used in either question form or to add seriousness to a statement.
i am so high righ now. ferseriously.
#for #real #serious #really #ferrseriously
by dominizzle December 02, 2007
a finely crushed and powdered form of the prescription drug oxycodon or oxyxotin that is snorted up the nose. so named because of the white powdery apperence and phyisical resemblence to cocaine which is also refered to as snow.
we did three lines of snow and had no clue where we were.
#oxycodon #oxycotin #oxy #40 #prescription
by dominizzle December 02, 2007
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