the white shit all over your yard during the winter
no dear thats just white shit

if you dont know what SNOW is go fuck yourself your retarded
by MRBACON60 December 26, 2010
soft, fluffy ice that falls from the sky in the winter. ah, the sheer bliss...
gameshow host: whats hard and hurts when you hit it?
shuichi: snow!
*buzzer gos off for wrong answer*
by yaoi_fangirl April 24, 2005
when the blue sky has sex with the black hole in outer space and climaxes and then it produces snow and cums all over the world ..then the snow fucks everyone else...
by blthrskt November 26, 2009
Someone who can be rad, at times, just don't let said person know this because their ego will swell.

Slightly self-absorbed
"Snow thinks he's so cool because he's "unpopular," and uses yellow smiley faces."
by lpz01 May 24, 2007
1. A white flaky substance (not to be confused with cocaine, sand, or dandruff) made of frozen water. Only found in sub-zero climates.

2. The stuff that is awesome.

3. The thing that skiers and slowboarders live for, possible to carve, shred, bus'a'sick'air, or float on
1. What is that? It is snow.
2. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
3. Dude, fresh snow, lets go shred!!!
by Zack726 December 08, 2005
nuthin but that fine ol' crack cocaine
hey yesterday i got myself some snow from the dealer
by skeet skeet nigga June 22, 2005
what you like to take a whiz on
i had to piss out a storm, so now the snow is yellow
by loco asshole February 26, 2005

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